Loving through Your Differences

Building Strong Relationships from Separate Realities
by James L. Creighton, PhD
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Publisher: New World Library

Publication Date: February 05, 2019

ISBN: 9781608685677

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· Excellent advice and insight for couples just starting out or those who have been married for 30+ years

· Author has taught communication skills to couples, counselors, and corporate executives for nearly 50 years

· Coauthored bestselling book, Getting Well Again, with Carl Simonton, which has sold over a million copies

· Provides nine principles of communication that can be used by anyone, including therapists and counselors

· Teaches couples how to listen and relate to each other, despite different backgrounds and different approaches to communication

· Helps couples live with disagreement by engaging it emotionally rather than glossing it over and pretending it went away in order to more clearly see the joint reality they are creating in the relationship.

· Author has been married 50 years and has practiced many of the techniques in the book in his own relationship