Love Tips

Successful Strategies for a Good, Healthy Relationship with Men
by Pearly Tan

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

Publication Date: January 20, 2018

ISBN: 9780648211860

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Is your love life unfulfilled? Have you been looking for the right guy and ended up with the wrong guy?

Statistics show that most relationships don’t last. Women of the 21st Century are smart, successful and desirable. So what is going wrong?

Love Tips: Successful Strategies for a Good, Healthy Relationship with Men contain real-life stories that illustrate our modern relationships and how we react with men. This book will help you get to the root of your relationship fears and gain the techniques to build a secure and healthy relationship with men:

  • Be a happy, confident and a fun-loving partner
  • Recognise negative thoughts and insecure feelings and respond in a positive way
  • Cultivate a healthy dialogue and communication
  • Prevent feelings of inadequacy, neediness, and possessiveness
  • Learn to respect his privacy and create a mutual, loving space
  • Build trust and commitment in your relationship.
  • And more…



Pearly Tan was born in Malaysia and grew up in a traditional Chinese culture. She immigrated to Australia in 2004 to be with her partner. After successfully overcoming her relationship difficulties, she dedicated herself to helping others facing similar challenges, especially Asian-Western culture relationships.