Literary Worlds and Deleuze

Expression as Mimesis and Event
by Zornitsa Dimitrova
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Publisher: Lexington Books

Publication Date: December 20, 2016

ISBN: 9781498544382

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Literary Worlds and Deleuze contributes to debates on mimesis by offering an ‘expressionist’ take on the matter of the generation of literary worlds in drama. In examining postdramatic plays by Sarah Kane, Martin Crimp, Caryl Churchill, and Laura Wade, the book outlines a dynamic ontology of mimesis. Rather than pertaining to a static ontology of ‘being’, expressionist mimesis is generative and renews itself constantly without arriving at an entelechial end. In exploring the fluxional field of forces and relations that underlie the order of representation, expressionist mimesis is well suited to account for the ontologically uncertain realities of postdramatic theatre. The concepts of ‘expression’ and ‘the event of sense’ (Gilles Deleuze) become part of a generative model that incorporates pre-linguistic and supra-conceptual constituents within the genesis of representation.