Linebacker, Lusty Lee Log 17

by Jason Pinaster

Publisher: Jason Pinaster

Series: Lusty Lee's Logs

Publication Date: March 10, 2017

ISBN: 9781370629817

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Lee visits former linebacker Chuck Gaines, the Cyber Culprit’s latest victim. When she first encounters him, he’s wearing a skin-tight workout suit that accentuates rather than covers his thick chest, thick arm muscles and even thicker legs. Around his neck, he’s wearing a thin silver chain with a small pendant at the end. His waist is slim and his shaved black head glints in the sunlight, almost as brightly as his teeth. Sparkling eyes and a thousand-watt smile symmetrically framed by well-defined cheekbones completed the definition of handsomeness. Without a doubt, Chuck was the type of man any healthy female, Lee especially, would want to have in her bed.

As Chuck looks her up and down, Lee’s glad that she had taken the time to research his preferred type. He’s still into cheerleaders, so she’d worn running shoes, short bobby socks, an even shorter mini-skirt around her round hips and even rounder butt and a Tshirt to accentuate her bounteous breasts. Best of all, the Tshirt was short enough to allow Chuck a glimpse of her belly button. She smiled he stopped at her face, taking in curly brown hair and her red-lipped smile before concentrating on the mischief inside her blue eyes.

Chuck takes her into his gym where he shows her new, and inventive, ways to employ his exercise equipment…