Like A Criminal - (A Memoir)

by Rushton Woodside

Publisher: Rushton Woodside

Publication Date: May 13, 2015

ISBN: 9781476249643

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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From the Foreword:

I had the great fortune to be at the deathbed of both of my parents at that crucial moment when they passed many years ago. Not so with my sister who went very suddenly, but we had a twelve year age difference and were never close.

My brother and I were the best of friends for the forty some-odd years after I turned twenty, however. We lived together multiple times, as late as when I was in my mid fifties. We shared many common interests and could chat all day like school kids.

In January of this year he called to tell me had advanced cancer, had an operation scheduled for March, and was then going to undergo chemotherapy. He drove from his home near Atlanta to Sarasota Florida to visit with me and meet my recently acquired puppy at the end of February.

He did not look well, and after the too short visit it was difficult for me to not give up my job and home and go stay with him until the end, whenever that might be. We talked often over the next few months and I could tell his health was declining rapidly. In April the chemotherapy had proven to be too much for his system, so he stopped.

Then in late May my apartment manager called and told me the policy had changed, dogs were no longer allowed. The following morning my employer announced closure of my department and I was laid off. As sad as I was about those two events the excitement of going to be by Jack’s side was overwhelming. It was meant to be.

I hurriedly began preparing to move. I gave away furniture and inconsequential household things, pared down to the bare essentials. One week later, on May 29th, my work was close to done and I faced two days to relax and say my goodbyes to my many friends in Sarasota.

But perhaps due to a fit of self-importance, a young girl who kept her job with my ex-employer, Moreland Company USA headquartered out of Sarasota, falsified a police report when her network was down and the IT manager was on ...