Light a Candle or Curse the Darkness

How to Connect with America's Youth
by Mary A Morse & Sr. Jon F. Morse
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Publisher: JM Consulting

Publication Date: June 26, 2015

ISBN: 9780972591454

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This book has been a project that has been inspired out of a need to share some concepts that Jon has created while working with the young people who have had trouble in the past making connections with significant adults in their lives. All around us we hear people talking about how our teenagers here in America are so bad and how much trouble they cause. If there is a problem, it is usually caused by some teenager somewhere. "Light a Candle or Curse the Darkness" gives us all a choice. We can either sit back and complain about our youth and the trouble they are causing or we can light a candle that will lead them toward individuals who really want to make a connection and who are willing to help them through some of the most difficult years of their lives. We challenge each of you who read this book to light a candle with us and then share this book with others who feel that the young people in America need a light to follow so that they can escape from the darkness of not being connected with significant adults in their lives.