Lessons Learned

Practical Ethics for Busy Lawyers
by Kevin W. Dornan
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Publisher: American Bar Association

Publication Date: December 01, 2016

ISBN: 9781634254250

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Every lawyer must learn the Rules of Professional Conduct in order to run an ethical practice. But putting the Rules into everyday practice can sometimes be a daunting task. Between running their business and serving their clients, attorneys can find it challenging to do what it takes to meet their ethical obligations. A law practice can pose many different ethical problems, and while the Rules can tell an attorney generally what is and isn’t ethical, they don’t offer substantive best practices for dealing with these real-life issues.

Author Kevin Dornan has spent much of his career advising attorneys on professional responsibility and risk management, and now is bringing those years of experience to Lessons Learned. He takes these issues and puts the focus on practicing ethics in simple, everyday ways. The book presents a series of real-life situations that happened to real lawyers, and uses these studies to provide practical and relatable advice on navigating the everyday ethical pitfalls of the legal industry. Topics include:

Avoiding unintended clients

Writing solid and ethical fee agreements

Ensuring that referral fees comply with the Rules

Maintaining confidentiality and communication

Being aware of and dealing with conflicts of interest

Senior lawyers pressuring subordinates for unethical behavior