Lesbians Ignite!

In Victoria in the 1990s
by Jean Taylor
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Publisher: Dyke Books Inc

Series: Archives Trilogy — Women’s Liberation Movement and radical lesbian feminist activism in Australia

Publication Date: November 12, 2016

ISBN: 9781925457384

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Introduction: Lesbophobia is a Social Disease - Jean Taylor. I have not included every single gathering, meeting, demo, rally, book launch or conference held during the 1990s. Those events I have included are mainly the ones of personal interest to myself and therefore necessarily lesbian-oriented and even then I have been extremely selective. And mainly those held here in Victoria even though there were many significant events held both interstate and overseas which I’ve also included. Despite the ridiculous rumour that we had entered a Post-Feminist era it would take another book and then some to describe everything that lesbians and radical feminists did and every significant womyn’s and Indigenous event that happened during the 1990s but hopefully this book cover most of them. I am extremely grateful that the world-wide Women’s Liberation Movement, radical feminism and lesbian liberation manifested when they did. And that I have not only benefited from but have been able to contribute to helping to make this small part of the world a safer and more worthwhile place for lesbians to be out and proud within the context a country that always was and always will be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land. In the heart of this book, between chapters five and six, sort of like a centre fold only better, is Sarah Yeomans rollicking personal and political take on lesbian life in Melbourne during the 1990s. I’d arrived in Melbourne in time for the second season of The Women’s Circus - Women and Work 1992 - directed by Donna Jackson. A magical swirling of bold costumes and striking faces in the famous white swimming caps. Grotesquely lit abseilers and acrobats on the factory walls outside. Such skill and daring and drama! So inspired was I that I joined the circus myself in 1994 on the techie crew for Death: The Musical. Big butch dykes taught me knots and fire drills and how to wire a lamp. Rehearsals were a dream because the musicians rehearsed simultaneously, ...