Lepidoptera Genetics: International Series of Monographs in Pure and Applied Biology: Zoology

by Robinson, Roy
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Publisher: Pergamon

Publication Date: August 26, 2015

ISBN: 9781483154701

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Lepidoptera Genetics provides a systematic account of the genetics and karyology of Lepidoptera. Topics covered include the use of biometry in genetic studies; population genetics and polymorphism; the rise of industrial melanism; and the evolution of mimicry. The genetics of Rhopalocera and Heterocera is also discussed.
This book is comprised of eight chapters and begins with an overview of Lepidoptera species and their genetics, paying particular attention to color and pigmentation, breeding, and resistance to insecticides, as well as the effect of seasonal variations and the environment on Lepidoptera. The next chapter outlines the tenets of genetics that are of value for Lepidoptera research, including particulate heredity, random assortment, sex-linked inheritance, maternal inheritance, and mosaicism. The reader is methodically introduced to the application of biometry to the study of Lepidoptera genetics; the evolution of mimicry in Lepidoptera; and the known heredity of Rhopalocera and Heterocera. The final chapter examines the karyology of Lepidoptera, focusing on the haploid karyotype, polyploidy, chiasmata frequency, supernumerary chromosomes, and sex chromatin.
This monograph will be a useful resource for entomologists, geneticists, and biologists.