Legends of Rock & Roll: The Monkees

by James Hoag

Publisher: James Hoag

Publication Date: May 31, 2016

ISBN: 9781310860058

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Legends of Rock & Roll: The Monkees

“Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkees!” Who doesn’t remember those famous words?

This is another in the series of tributes to rock and roll heroes of the past and present. Micky, Davy, Peter and Michael were America's answer to the Beatles. They were a great band (after a little practice), they had their own television show and they even made a movie.

The Monkees really started on February 6, 1964. That’s the famous day the Beatles appeared for the first time in America and performed on The Ed Sullivan Show. Each of the four guys who would later become the Monkees were watching that night and, like so many other performers of the Sixties, it inspired them. They each felt that they could do what the Beatles were doing and they hadn’t even met each other yet.

Inside you will discover:

Introduction: The kickoff for the book and my thoughts on the group.
In the Beginning: First I explore how the television show came to be.
Micky Dolenz: A short biography of Micky's early life.
Davy Jones: Also, a short bio of Davy growing up.
Peter Tork: And I do the same for Peter.
Michael Nesmith: Last, but not least, a short bio of Michael in the years before the Monkees.
The Coming Together of the Monkees: The coming together of four complete strangers.
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart: While these two were not part of the Monkees, they had a profound impact on their music.
The Pilot: Getting the TV show off the ground.
Becoming a Real Band: How four seemingly different people became a single unit, a rock and roll band.
“Last Train to Clarksville”: The story behind their first big hit.
The First Album “The Monkees”: Their first album. Did they really play on it at all?
“I’m a Believer”: This is one of their biggest hits, a classic.
The Reverse British Invasion: The boys go to England and make quite an impression.
“Headquarters”: Time to work on ...