Leaders- People Who Shaped The Last Cent

by S.K. Cooper

Publisher: New Holland Publishers

Publication Date: July 04, 2018

ISBN: 9781921024740

Binding: Hardback

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The leaders that are remembered by history both define the world they live in and change that world forever. Whether their leadership is inspirational, innovative, decisive or ultimately destructive, we have a lot to learn from the lives and achievements of the eclectic group of people featured in this wonderful book. Leaders in the Last Century is a collection of fifty of the most important politicians, pop culture icons and social innovators of the past 100 years. From Hitler to Obama, Lennon to Madonna and Attenborough to Gates, each of the people featured in this book changed the world … either for better or for worse. Featuring 50 politicians, pop icons and innovators of the past 100 years.