Lazy Eye & Amblyopia - A Complete Guide

Lazy Eyes, Treatment, Correction & Surgery. What is lazy eye, definition, causes in adults and children, symptoms, exercises and how to fix amblyopia.
by Cameron Marr
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Publisher: Digitamation Ltd

Publication Date: February 01, 2016

ISBN: 9780993494215

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Millions of people are suffering from lazy eye (or ‘amblyopia’, to use its medical name). Amblyopia alone is the foremost cause of visual problems in people aged under 40. This is an informative eBook by Cameron Marr, written in a straightforward and easy to read style, and explores the topic of lazy eye in detail and covers treatments, correction and options for surgery.

Readers asking “What is lazy eye?” or “How to fix lazy eye?”, and wanting to understand the definition of amblyopia in adults, children and babies, will find excellent information and facts on the types of lazy eye, causes, signs and symptoms, exercises, remedies and therapy.

Different types of amblyopia are covered, including strabismic, deprivational and refractive, together with general causes and risk factors, diagnosis and prognosis. Finally, this eBook provides suggestions on how to cope with lazy eye and information on where to go for further assistance and resources.