by Lydia Ray Balderston

Publisher: Gumption Corp.

Publication Date: March 17, 2016

ISBN: 1230000997515

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Not everyone throws all their laundry in one load of washing.

This book explains the techniques and principles behind laundering and the state of the art tools of the trade, from 1914.

A definitive textbook from the time, it passes on invaluable information. It teaches how to remove a variety of stains from wagon grease to coffee. It defines different fibre types and how to treat them. Using basic materials it gives the recipes and ratios for the home chemist to create different washing agents including soaps, starches, blueing agents, and other cleansers.

Originally published in 1914 by Lydia Ray Balderston the instructor of laundering at teachers college, Columbia University in New York City this book is in the public domain and available through a variety of sources.

Working with expert suppliers, we have undertaken to ensure it has been accurately reproduced and images recreated for use in this format and device.