"Lady in the Locker Room": Adventures of a Trailblazing Sports Journalist

by Susan Fornoff

Publisher: Susan Fornoff

Publication Date: May 17, 2015

ISBN: 9780989954037

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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New edition! Now in development for the silver screen by CBS Films, “Lady in the Locker Room” represents one woman’s account of the days when locker room sentries ignored credentials and observed tradition. Upon its release in 1993, the book took on not only men’s pro sports, but the male-dominated sports departments at major newspapers and media companies -- all the while conveying Susan Fornoff’s great love of writing and lifelong affection for baseball. Although she became a public figure for receiving a rat from a player who did not want her around, Fornoff is remembered today for her resiliency in covering the Oakland A’s as a traveling beat writer for five seasons, and for co-founding the Association for Women in Sports Media. Today the author resides in Oakland, where she has become an A’s fan while continuing to root for her hometown Baltimore Orioles to beat the Yankees and Red Sox.
Praise for “Lady in the Locker Room”...
“Witty, insightful, articulate … If you have a daughter, let her read it. If you have a son, make him read it.” -- Tacoma News Tribune
“A fun book, entertaining and well-written.” -- South Bend Tribune
“The very human, honest, charming story of what it’s like to be a sportswriter working the baseball beat…Fornoff writes with a terrific sense of humor.” -- The Forum of Baseball Literary Opinion

And a letter from a freshman college journalism student…
“I received the best education on what a female sportswriter goes through by reading your book. I was scared by page 40, crying by page 50, ready to quit altogether by page 100, saw a glimmer of hope by page 160, and by the time I finished reading I was burned out before I even started my career. … I’m still scared, but now determined to make it in this field, not because I’m female, but because this is what I want to do, can do, and will do.”