"Knocked Down Long Enough to Pray"

by Robin Blue
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781481709088

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Some people get knocked down to the point they never knew what hit them. This book will open the eyes to those who have felt hurt, rejected, abused, slander, in grief and at the point of despair or loss. You may have talked yourself in believing No one cares, no one really needs to know what you are going through. The truth is, God has never taken a nap and is concerned about you! Hes looking. Know Down Long Enough to Pray is a book about one woman who found the strength to overcome deformity, sexual abuse, gain and domestic violence, addiction, sickness, denial, hurt, grief, shattered dreams and the ultimate betrayal. She is still standing. Her story has swept the world as a Keynote speaker in Conferences, Seminars, Church Services, Television, Radio and Newspapers from the United States to Africa. When you listen to her story or read about it, you will find the encouragement to find your place of purpose and passion to fulfill your destiny and watch dreams come to pass. Some may say, When life deals you lemons, make lemonade. But this author sees it quite differently; She says, When Life deals you lemons, take the seeds out and plant you an orchard and sale the lemons and prosper. The inspiration the author finds out of lifes situations, wont keep you down, but you can find your way to a special place and have time alone with a loving Heavenly Father. Its in that place you learn whats really important and how important your existence in the earth realm truly is. You will never live another day without having your prayers answered. When you are knocked down, there may be times you have to fight your way back up. Yes, so while youre down, you may as well stay Knocked Down, Long Enough to Pray. There is victory on the other side.