Kick em Where it Counts: More Ballbusting Testimonies

by Ken Phillips

Publisher: Ken Phillips

Publication Date: January 16, 2019

ISBN: 9781386044352

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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These women are strong, tough and they know how to put the fellas in their place. Clare has used her skills on a couple of jerks and with a couple of men who enjoy getting their eggs scrambled. Clare has a wicked body and an adorable face. Like all of these ladies, she has a genuine love for looking at her defeated male victims as they are trying to deal with the pain and the embarrassment of the situation.

Kayla is another blondish lady that handled a tough situation in a very rough way. Some men feel entitled to grab and rub-up against women. When this happened to Kayla she made the gentleman regret it greatly. The physical torment was just a part of the punishment. You'll fall in love and greatly fear Kayla as you hear about her defeating a male bodybuilder. Although Marcus is stronger than Kayla, he has no fighting experience. Kayla loves nothing more than defeating him and racking his manhood.

Helene is an older lady who spiced things up with her now-departed husband (no, he did not die due to a kick to the balls). Helene discovered that she could defeat her husband in a legitimate grappling match. Then she discovered that dominating him by-way of his groin was exciting for both of them. After her husband passed, Helene continued with her 'hobby'. This lady is strong, fit, dominant and she loves kicking, squeezing and slapping the fellas where it counts.

* Lue is a busty, beautiful lady and she learned early on that she'd have to make sure that men respected and feared her. When push came to shove, Lue used her groin kicking ability to set the fellas straight. Like many women, Lue's curious nature has kept her experimenting and taking things to a higher, more painful level. You'll adore this wonderful lady!*

Veronica, Tammy and Nadine are our three Readers' Choice picks. Readers absolutely love these women. Veronica had to deal with her husband in a rather strict way.