Keto Kickstart with Eric Gadlage

by egadlage

Publisher: egadlage

Publication Date: May 26, 2017

ISBN: 9781386015161

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Want to lose weight and still be able to eat foods you love like meats, beef, steak, bacon, eggs, pork chops, etc?  The Keto Diet is like running your body on jet fuel vs. regular fuel because you're running on Ketones- hence- Ketogenic Diet.  When you run your body on ketones you are training your  body to become a fat burning machine.  With a normal atkins diet, vegetarian, or even paleo diet, your body is trained to spike insuliin and store fat.  With a ketogenic diet, your body instead produces ketones which burns fat. The excess ketones are flushed out of your system vs. excess glucose which gets stored to fat.  This is a revolutionary diet, very simple to understand and has very fast results.  You can reach ketosis usually within a few days of limiting your carbs to under 20 per day.  Once you're in ketosis your body turns into a fat burning machine.  This book will walk you through everything from A-Z and has a food shopping list, sample menus, and even an added exercise section if you're just getting back into exercising. Get this book today, kick sugar, and change your life.  This diet has also been known to help treat type 2 diabetes, epilepesy, and cancer.