Katz Tales Miracle Cat

by Ellen Whyte

Publisher: Ellen Whyte

Series: Katz Tales

Publication Date: May 10, 2015

ISBN: 9781301959037

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This is the fourth in the Katz Tales ebook series.

Miracle Cat is the story of how our senior cat Au came whisker-close to death and then recovered - thanks in part to a new miracle drug that kills the FIV virus. As Au is usually a very cheerful cat, this collection also includes stories of how he rules us all with a velvet paw. There is also a section of general health tips for new cat owners.

Au joined our family when we moved to Malacca, West Malaysia. Although he's a big cat now, Au started life as an abused kitten. Our little pet was wrapped in an oily rag and some plastic bags, and thrown out of a moving car onto a motorway. Luckily he was spotted, picked up, and given to us by Dorothy, a nice Scots lady living in Malacca.

When our old cat and Au's chief companion Scoop passed away in 2007, Au went into mourning. To help our fuzzy recover his joy in life we got him a friend to play with.

At this point we were living just outside of Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. After a search for a suitable companion we found Naemah, a private cat rescuer in Subang Jaya, who gave us Target. This sweet little cat instantly captured our hearts and became Au's boon companion.

As our cats bring so much love and light into our lives, I share their stories in Katz Tales, a column published by The Star, the most popular English newspaper in Malaysia. This book is a collection of those stories - plus some extra tales specially written for this edition.

I hope you enjoy these Tales as much as I enjoyed writing them. The proceeds of this book go to Trap Neuter and Release the strays who live in my neighbourhood.