Kappa Distributions: Theory and Applications in Plasmas

by Livadiotis, George
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Publisher: Elsevier

Publication Date: May 01, 2017

ISBN: 9780128046395

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Kappa Distributions: Theory and Applications in Plasmas presents the theoretical developments of kappa distributions, their applications in space plasmas, and how they affect the underpinnings of our understanding of space and plasma physics, astrophysics, and statistical mechanics--thermodynamics. As such, this book is ideal for geophysicists, especially those interested in space and planetary science, particularly space plasma and upper earth atmosphere.

The book is separated into three major parts, theoretical methods, analytical methods in plasmas, and applications in space plasmas. The first part of the book focuses on basic aspects of the theory of kappa distributions, beginning with the connection of kappa distributions with solid statistical backgrounds, hence the non-extensive statistical mechanics.

The book then moves on to plasma physics, and is devoted to analytical methods related to kappa distributions on various basic plasma topics, spanning linear/nonlinear plasma waves, solitons, shockwaves, and dusty plasmas. The final part of the book deals with applications in space plasmas, focusing on applications of theoretical and analytical developments in space plasmas from the heliosphere and beyond.

  • Answers important questions, such as how plasma waves are affected by kappa distributions and how solar wind, and planetary/cometary magnetospheres can be modeled using kappa distributions
  • Presents the features of kappa distributions in the context of space plasmas, including how kappa indices, temperatures, and densities vary among the various species populations in different space plasmas
  • Provides readers with the information they need to decide which specific formula of kappa distribution should be used for a certain occasion and system