50 Ideas That Will Springboard You to Academic Greatness
by John A. Chuback

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: December 17, 2016

ISBN: 9781483590394

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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In Kaboing!, John Chuback, M.D. shares with the reader true stories from his own life. These anecdotes and lessons are the cornerstone of his own academic success. It is Dr. Chuback's goal to simply give others an opportunity to benefit from what he learned over many, often grueling, years of scholastic pursuit. His desire is to provide students with a "box of tools" which they can use immediately to improve their performance in school. This is a quick and enjoyable read, which will hopefully act as a shortcut to good habits and excellent results. This is a book which is not meant to be read through once and then retired to the bookshelf. This is a book which is meant to serve as an inspirational resource throughout one's academic career and beyond. The more frequently one reads it, the more effective the lessons become. Many of the techniques shared within these pages can be applied to every aspect of one's life. There is sound wisdom in the message here. The reader is encouraged to go back to this book again and again. There are valuable teachings contained in these pages which can help the middle school student as well as the graduate level student. By immersing oneself in the philosophy taught in Kaboing! the reader will slowly adopt as habitual the actions and skills expressed in the various chapters. It is the author's great wish that this little book will change lives. The advice is practical and straight forward, yet exceedingly effective when applied routinely by the student. Dr. Chuback has total confidence in the value of the material held in these pages. He has employed them effectively himself and has also seen two of his sisters use these principles to become dentists and another to become an attorney. Furthermore, his wife used the concepts from Kaboing! in receiving a PhD in neuroscience as well as in her MBA program. The fundamentals described in these pages can be applied to any academic discipline, which is part of what makes them ...