(Just like) El Cid's Bloomers

by Tim Roux
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: June 30, 2015

ISBN: 9781450004411

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A book by Tim Roux Jake Pembleton is a Hull-born singer-songwriter who once killed a man. This doesn’t make him the East Riding folk-singing Yorkshire Ripper of CrackTown’s famous song, but it still plays on his conscience. Now he is in real trouble. Ever since returning home to his wife and kids to find his suitcases parked outside his front door, Jake has been holed up in that wild and lawless part of Hull known as ‘The Avenues’ with a springy nineteen year old groupie who is so sexy that she nearly gives him a heart attack each time she steps out of the shower. Jake’s only hopes are Harry, his wife’s new boyfriend who keeps her sane, and that he will never meet his Kirkella-dwelling parents-in-law again. Beyond that, he just sits there clutching his guitar, writing his songs, loving his girl, and praying for better days and relief from a day job he is too ashamed of to talk about.