by Adewale John Adeyeye

Publisher: Liquid Words Publishing Ltd.

Publication Date: May 12, 2018

ISBN: 9780956534613

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This novel is like a 10-course meal, served in a newly opened opulent restaurant basked in soft, live instrumental music and fine cookery. Here, each chapter like each course is beautifully presented and carefully arranged to provide a distinguished array of colours, textures and flavours.
Jelë, as the title states is based in a vibrant imaginary world whose context, landscapes and animal kingdom is both distinctly unique, yet related to ours. In the same vein, the author can be metaphorically said to be a Michelin-star Head Chef, zealous about providing high-quality dishes to a distinguished market of clientele. Consequently, everything associated with the dining experience is carefully crafted to create the right ambience and setting, unique to the theme and sublime delicacies been served.

The novel is based around a terrifying event of the attack by The beasts of the night. If only they were not taught that punitive method of war; all this would have been avoided; terror would have been abated, things would not have turned out this way. The massacre by The beasts of the night not only turned the young man's world upside-down; in short, it emptied him of life itself. Nzé, the young protagonist in the novel, escaped the grasp of the only thing destined for all living beings and creature, that which is death.


In a rampant rampage by the triple-skulled killers, The beasts, came in the form of dancing luminous light to Nzé's settlement. Confused and in fear, his questions after the rocks rejected his soiled and malnourished frame were: What can I do now? What must I do? Head to the Dynasty of the North seemed the only logical conclusion. But surely, the long trek cannot be the answer. Though the scenery will be beautiful, the thought and act will nonetheless be wearisome. Tired, hungry and passed out on the grainy sea, that is the ground, help came in the most unusual form. 

The novel follows the delightful yet dangerous ...