Jan van Eyck Drawings & Paintings (Annotated)

by Raya Yotova

Publisher: Publisher s13381

Publication Date: November 13, 2018

ISBN: 9788829549207

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This book with introduction and annotations written by Raya Yotova contains reproductions of drawings and paintings by Jan van Eyck.

Jan van Eyck (b. 1390 –1441) is one of the most important painters of Early Northern Renaissance art. A small number of existing documentations of his premature days point to that he was born about 1380–1390, most probable in Maaseik. He took service in Hague about 1422, when he was previously appointed a master painter with practicum subordinates, as painter and Valet de chambre with John III the Pitiless, monarch of Holland and Hainaut. Jan van Eyck was then utilized in Lille as court painter to Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy after John's death in 1425, until he shifted to Bruges in 1429 where he lived until his death. He was extremely regarded by Philip and undertook a numeral of diplomatic missions in foreign countries, as well as to Lisbon in 1428 to search the opportunity of a wedding agreement between the duke and Isabella of Portugal.