Interrupted Summer

by Eric Gillies Bernardez

Publisher: Eric Gillies Bernardez

Publication Date: September 07, 2016

ISBN: 9780692671436

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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A rare species is in danger. When a teen risks everything to help, his life may be the one in jeopardy.

Seventeen-year-old Marco Vega has a passion for biology. When a catastrophic storm destroys a research facility and causes mutation on a pair of monkey-eating eagles, the boy sets his sights on helping the endangered creatures. He heads off for the Caraballo Mountains to track them.

While he welcomes the journey and can't wait for the adventure, he doesn't expect his life to be on the line. Through steamy jungles and a rat-infested tunnel, he makes it to the eagles' nesting place.

But it's on the edge of a cliff that Marco must face the greatest danger of all ...

Interrupted Summer is a YA action-adventure novel that brings the reader across mountains and rainforests. If you like suspense and tales of survival in the wild, then you'll love Eric Gillies Bernardez' unique thriller.

Read Interrupted Summer and join the tropical adventure today!