Insect-Plant Interactions (1993)

Volume V
by Elizabeth A. Bernays
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Publisher: CRC Press

Series: CRC Press Revivals

Publication Date: January 02, 2018

ISBN: 9781351361286

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Volume 5 of "Insect-Plant Interactions" is a volume in a series that presents research in the field. Topics covered include chemical changes in plants as a result of insects feeding on their leaves, dynamic elements of the use and avoidance of host plants by tephritid flies as a result of the presence of other flies, floral volatiles in insect biology, endophytic fungi as mediators of plant insect interactions, the cost of chemical defence against herbivory, and life history traits on insect herbivores in relation to host quality. The book also presents the first available review on physicochemical conditions of the gut lumen from an ecological perspective.