Indie Writer Companion: Making Your Self-Published Book Better

by Jade C. Jamison

Publisher: Jade C. Jamison

Publication Date: November 12, 2015

ISBN: 9781519941039

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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“My first thought when I finished reading was ‘Where the hell was this book when I jumped into self-publishing?’ I love the no-nonsense style that pulls no punches and keeps you interested. If you are thinking about self-publishing (or even going the traditional route) you should read this book before you hit publish.” – L.A. Remenicky, author of SAVING CASSIE

Throughout her life, Amazon Bestselling author Jade C. Jamison has worn many hats. One of the most noteworthy is her ongoing gig as a college instructor (focused mostly on writing—both academic and creative writing classes) which, paired with her career as a successful indie author, gives her the delusion that she is qualified to help other indie/self-publishing (and aspiring) authors become the best writers they can be.

Jamison loves that indie publishing has opened the door to literally thousands of would-be authors, allowing them to share their creations with the world. In a realm that was previously shut off to a good many writers unless they could get their works through all the gatekeepers, most writers languished in obscurity or indulged in expensive self-publishing ventures and still failed to be read widely.

Electronic publishing has changed all that, has, in fact, changed the face of publishing as we once knew it, revolutionizing reading almost as much as Gutenberg’s press hundreds of years ago. The publishing process today is democratic, in that anyone with a little know-how can make his book available to the world—and readers, not publishers, decide whose book will be the next bestseller. But, says Jamison, with great freedom comes even greater responsibility. In the traditional publishing world that still exists today, authors have editors scouring their manuscripts, offering corrections and forcing edits, most of which are designed to make the work better in some way, creating tighter writing and better pacing, making the ...