In Search of Aphrodite

Women, Archetypes and Sex Therapy
by Chelsea Wakefield
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Publisher: Taylor and Francis

Publication Date: October 14, 2015

ISBN: 9781317592853

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What does it mean to be “in search of Aphrodite?” For most women, sex is complex, and more than a juxtaposition of body parts. Women sense the possibility of depth, meaning, even transcendence, but in a somatically disconnected, sexually superficial world, it can be difficult for a woman to discover her inner fire, define who she is sexually, and confidently communicate this to her partner.
Part philosophy, part treatment manual, In Search of Aphrodite addresses women’s sexual problems from an inspiring, creative perspective, integrating Jungian Psychology and sex therapy. Readers will deepen their understanding of the sexual psyche and how this realm impacts women’s lives, as well as what the author calls the journey of Sexual IndividuationTM. 
Chelsea Wakefield covers a variety of topics such as healing ancient wounds, resolving inner conflicts, exploring sexual essence, identity, scripts, primal instinct, desire, fantasy, longing, and more. She offers pathways to sexual enrichment and improved communication with a partner. Sexual archetypes are introduced and organized around the author’s Sexual Essence Wheel. Gatekeepers and Eros-inhibiting archetypes are described, along with what to do when treatment stalls.    
This book is appropriate for:
• Clinicians who are nervous about venturing into conversations about women’s sexuality
• Clinicians who are comfortable with sexual topics and are curious about new interventions
• Sex therapists who want a treatment model that acknowledges the multidimensional aspects of sexuality
• Jungian analysts and Jungian oriented practitioners who want helpful tools for addressing sexual issues as an invitation into individuation    
• Pastoral counselors and spiritual guidance practitioners who seek to heal souls wounded by sexual trauma and sex-negative teachings    
• Women who want to explore their sexual psyche and define their sexual essence, and ...