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This is the 4th book of the following six-book "End Times Series" published in Chinese and translated into English by TheoLogos Publications: 1. Numbers & Roots of Numbers in the Bible 2. The Sword for the End Times (I): Dividing Truths in Daniel & Revelation 3. The Sword for the End Times (II): Dividing Truths in Gospels & Other Bible Books 4. Daily Gathering of Manna (I): Touching Pivotal Issues in the Bible 5. Daily Gathering of Manna (II): A Unified View of the Four Gospels 6. Daily Gathering of Manna (III): Gleanings from the Whole Bible Taichuan Tongs, the author of this series, penned all six books based on the original meanings of the Hebrew and Greek words in the Bible. The author integrates the use of many modern biblical study tools such as Hebrew/Greek word dictionary, word roots and families, word concordance, English concordant vocabulary and grammar for the Old/New Testaments. By maintaining the triunity of the Bible – integrity, invariance and inerrancy of the Old and New Testaments in their original languages – throughout the six books, the author offers an objective, rational and comprehensive understanding of God's mysteries hidden in the Bible. As the 4th book of the series, the author presents the book's content in a format similar to “Streams in the Desert” – each day's message is short and independent, giving readers room for reflections, but the assembly of all daily pieces reveals a full and clear picture of one big puzzle. This sub-series "Daily Gathering of Manna" contains three books and this book is the first of these three books and also the fourth of the entire series. A few words about the series title: By “End Time Series” it does not only mean that the messages presented in these six books are concerning the end of the world or the Day of the Lord's coming. Far more than that, the title also carries with it a much deeper meaning, i.e. the messages presented in the series came into shape and were sent out on the eve of the Lord's ...