"I'm Always Here"

The Continuation of Love from the Other Side
by Dorothy & Jack Farley
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Publisher: Balboa Press

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781452569482

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Can you ever get over the loss of a 'soulmate'/loved one?

By: Dorothy Farley

Co-Author, (3) 5-Star Rated Books

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The Continuation of Love from the Other Side

Spirituality Life After Death


HOWEVER, with the passing of time (for me, now seven years since the transition of my beloved husband and soulmate, Jack Farley) one's understanding deepens, and the gradual 'acceptance' that we are all spirit beings with eternal life awakens within us, and "everything is as it should be," as Jack expresses from heaven. There is no ending at death for life, living and learning continue on and on, in another dimension.

Real growth and the reason for our being here on this Earth begins to shine forth for us and reveals life's profound meaning, and why we are here. We see more clearly the only two emotions, 'FEAR' or 'LOVE'. We begin opening our heart to more LOVE LOVE for everything around us, LOVE for everyone we meet, for everything we see and do and for ourselves. Let's not forget ourselves. We remember: "LOVE is all there is," affirmed by Jack.

Staying in the LOVE VIBRATION is what I have learned to do, and this is where I can reach and connect with the responsive vibration of my beloved husband. Anyone can make this conversational connection it is a matter of choice our choice for our loved ones are always here around us in many forms; it is up to us to open our heart to the deepest, most pure LOVE, and in so doing elevate our vibration to reaching and hearing them. This is possible, if we make the choice and BELIEVE we can. Remember, loved ones are always 'living' in spirit form for it is the perfection of our soul that we are seeking.

Even when these TRUTHS are known, it is all easier said ...