I Want To Be Like You Dad

by Stan DeKoven

Publisher: Vision Colleges

Publication Date: January 25, 2016

ISBN: 9781311001061

Binding: Kobo eBook

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For years now, the church has been sidetracked with this idea of “Generational Curses.” We’ve watched throngs of Christians swarm to the altars attempting to stop the evil consequences that their forefather’s decisions made upon their lives. And… for many years as a pastor, I taught about Generational Curses -- and had seemingly great results. So let’s make it clear that we mean no personal disrespect to those sincere people who teach this “ministry.” It’s just that now… we know a better way (Acts 18:26).

Let’s briefly review the teaching of Generational Curses -- it generally goes something like this: “the sins of the fathers pass to the third and fourth generation" (Ex. 34:6-7, Deut. 5:9, Dan. 9:8). This teaching tells how Christians can inherit the attributes or consequences for the sins their predecessors committed generations ago. Sometimes (they say), after the 3rd and 4th generation – the CURSE would be broken... but that part doesn't seem to happen very much anymore.

Anyway, these GENERATIONAL CURSES are said to come from many place, such as follows:

1 SINS OF ANCESTORS - Supposedly, ancient ancestral CURSES pass down through families. Apparently, Satan has the “legal right” to assault our body or finances because of our forefather’s mistakes. They claim these “curses” are why many Christians get sick and die.

2 WITCHCRAFT/OCCULT CURSES- Sadly, many believe that the words of “witches” have the power to disrupt our lives and affect our surroundings.

3 CURSES from SPOKEN WORDS- These can be curses spoken by others or by yourself.

4 CURSES FROM UNGODLY OATHS AND DEDICATIONS/UNGODLY BELIEFS - These “destructive” oaths and dedications could have been made before your birth.

5 PERSONAL SINS- Your personal perverse sin caused by forefathers same sin.

6 CURSES PASSED BY IMPROPER TIES (YOKES) - Another BIG teaching concerns "sin in the camp." That’s about being YOKED to someone... and inheriting their problems.