I Want A Kitten or a Cat

by Tristan Pulsifer & Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson

Publisher: Crimson Hill Books

Series: Best Pets For Kids

Publication Date: June 26, 2018

ISBN: 9781988650722

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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The beginner’s cat pet care book for young readers by pet writing duo Tristan Pulsifer and Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson, co-authors of the popular I Want A Pet series for readers age 8 to 12. A lively, practical and fun how-to for kids about how to give loving, responsible care to your new furry family pet!
This is the book for kids to learn about how to give loving and responsible care to a new pet kitten or cat.
If your child is asking for a pet kitten or a cat, but you aren’t so sure they’re ready for the responsibility, this is the book to give them or read together!
It tells young readers everything they need to know about what it’s like to have a cat in your family and what means to be a loving and responsible pet parent.
Kittens and cats are easy to care for pets, affectionate and loyal, which is why they’re one of the best and most popular pet animals for kids.
However, they don’t take care of themselves. There’s ‘homework’ to do before you bring your new pet into your family! This fun and lively book explains this fully, in a way they’ll enjoy as they learn more about kittens and cats.
Included in this book:
•How to choose your new pet, bringing him or her home and how to give good pet care.
•Should you get a kitten…or a cat? How do you choose? And where can you find a healthy pet to add to your family?
•Why are kittens and cats one of the best pets for children?
•What do all cats need to stay healthy and happy? What items, probably in your home right now, are poisons for cats?
•How can you tell when your cat needs to see the vet?
•What do they like to eat? And what should you never feed a cat, and why?
•Should you bathe your cat? Clip their whiskers? Brush their fur…or their teeth?
•How big do cats get? How old can they get?
•Should your pet be an indoor cat or an outdoor cat? What’s the difference?
•Can cats have jobs?
If the child (or ...