I WILL NOT _______________**.

by denise felice
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Publisher: Balboa Press

Publication Date: June 25, 2015

ISBN: 9781452540641

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"I thought you are stuck at the Railway Station. But I am foolish. Now I see, you are deep in forests, deeper still in the spirit of humanity, blossoming through your hidden divinity. You are indeed, connected with all of us. Your Art touches our souls, because you pour inner vision, inner light that you see, inner voice that you hear. We are really deaf and blind. But your Art makes us see and hear the great message. Thanks Denise. I salute you for your surrealist art of the new genre." -Rajinder S. Bedi, Direct Descendant of Sri Guru Nanak Devji, New Delhi, India

“Can't stop looking, admiration for your work ....it speaks volumes/a silent thousand words about injustice, lack of love, deep understanding and compassion for HUMANITY.” -Malinda Isa, Abstract Expressionist Master Painter, Washington, DC / Amsterdam, the Netherlands“

God bless you Denise.. He has gifted you to communicate intensely without words through your art.. be certain that you are God’s sent angel.. : BEAUTIFUL … EXTRAORDINARY DENISE .. YOU ARE SO SENSITIVE .. HAVE TO BE TO CAPTURE THIS MAGIC.” -Jorge Queiroz, International Business Counsel and Strategic Advisor, New York, NY