I Lie for Money

Candid, Outrageous Stories from a Magician’s Misadventures
by Steve Spill
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Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

Publication Date: November 10, 2018

ISBN: 9781632208620

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Teller of Penn & Teller declares “nobody knows more about magic from the inside than Steve.” Here is Steve Spill’s life story about lying for a living.

In this irreverent memoir, magician Steve Spill reveals how he managed to survive decades inside a rarely profitable, often maddening, but ultimately rewarding offbeat showbiz profession—that of a working magician.

Starting when his grandfather sewed secret pockets in a magician’s tuxedo back in 1910, Spill’s dream of performing magic took him on a journey from shows at house parties to engagements in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. Today, he stars in shows at Magicopolis—the theater he designed and built himself.

In his memoir, Spill reveals the many unique encounters that his profession has led him to enjoy (and endure): hosting Sting as his opening act one night, spending two days on camera with Joan Rivers, and selling tricks to Bob Dylan as well as encounters with Adam Sandler, Stephen King, and many other celebrities.

I Lie for Money captures the highs and lows of an extraordinary life. Spill will delight and amaze you “with his combination of writing and performing skills and his endless inventiveness” (Dick Cavett).