Hypnosis Beginners Guide

Learn How To Use Hypnosis To Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Depression And Become Happier
by Richard Cooper

Publisher: Eric J Scott

Publication Date: March 19, 2019

ISBN: 6610000159987

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Do you suffer from stress, anxiety, or depression?

Tired of spending a fortune on programs that take up all your time and energy without fixing your problem?

If so, the answer you’re looking for might be inside you!

If you or a loved one has ever grappled with a problem like chronic pain, anxiety, addiction, phobia, or depression, you know just how impossible it can make dealing with daily life. Even keeping up with everyday obligations can be a grueling ordeal with a weight like that on your shoulders.

And if you’ve taken a look at mainstream remedies to these problems, you know that they can cause problems of their own! Expensive therapy or unhealthy, habit-forming drugs can cripple a person even further, making them reliant on professionals without dealing with the problem at hand.

But what if you could fix your problems all by yourself? What if the secret to a happier, healthier, low-stress life exists inside you already, and all you need to do is reach out and grab it?

The power to achieve these goals and more is within you; all you need is some help from author Richard Cooper’s Hypnosis Beginners Guide: Learn How To Use Hypnosis To Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Become Happier.

Despite the bad rap it gets in media, hypnosis is the key to bringing your full mental capacity to bear on any problem you can imagine. As explained by Richard Cooper, hypnosis is nothing more and nothing less than a trance state that one can voluntarily enter to implant suggestions, literal or metaphorical.

Once you’ve followed these simple steps and reached the restful, meditative state of trance, the sky’s the limit! Those simple suggestions, carefully implanted with this guide’s straightforward method, can help influence your behavior and thought processes to do everything from lose weight to kick bad habits to reduce ...