Hunting in the Prairie

Collection of true hunting story from Saskatchewan, Canada
by Mohammad Sayed Khan

Publisher: Self

Publication Date: January 26, 2018

ISBN: 1230002121673

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A collection of true hunting story from Saskatchewan, Canada

This book comes from my passion of hunting and lifetime love of the nature. For me the hunting is not only a sports, it is a way to be intimate with the nature, at the same time this intimacy provide me some nutrition wild meat. This build a relationship to the animals we eat, and the nature where we all grow together. It reflects my personal thoughts, my experience with nature, my world view as well as emotion as a hunter. This is my earnest effort to share my various hunting story, knowledge and emotion of the prairie hunting endeavor. Saskatchewan is known for her flat land, terrible wintery winds and wonderful emptiness of sky. In regard to this I have attempt to put my learning and thoughts into the word of language. Hopefully this hunting story will stimulate your appetite for more. I hope that some of the passion is captured and written here will be a good read and will give you joy.


Not every trip of the hunting ends with a success, but hunters always come home with a new story. No matter the results of the game, either hunter win or not, stories of the wild must be there. The instinct of hunting and telling the hunting story is in our gene, our ancestor lived on it, they tell story of their own hunting experience while sitting around the campfire and our modern society is built from the hunter gatherer society. Their belief and myth turn into our religion, the music they started with ivory and bone become enriched today with diverse instrument around the world and even our friendly dog evolve from our ancestor hunter life. The development of our intellectual brain does have direct relationship with hunting and campfire, so stone spare evolve to sophisticated archery to modern rifle over the time. After agriculture revolution, we domesticate the grain and animal, we become dependent on our own grown food but the hunting and storytelling instinct still remain inside ...