Human Sexuality

by Steven Carley

Publisher: Steven Carley

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781301026944

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“Human Sexuality” is an exploration into the different facets known as human sexuality. This exploration involves the developmental lifecycle of human sexuality and how disturbances can occur during this process. These disturbances can lead to in certain instances homosexuality or hermaphroditism. Often is the case biological explanations exist to better explain these disturbances within human sexuality. It is not uncommon and on the contrary for the individual to possess of both male and female traits. Consisting of more male traits on a continuum the female may possess some sort of neurochemical disorder and conversely for the male. Other topics of discussion pertaining to human sexuality involve arousal disorders, the sexual response cycle, contraception, the role of media in sexuality, along with the treatment of sex offenders.