How to cure Anemia with Ayurveda?

(To-the-point series)
by (Vaidya) Gopal Krishan Doda


Publication Date: October 11, 2018

ISBN: 9788829525614

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This book "How to cure Anemia with Ayurveda?" is a one stop solution for Anemic patients. Written by experienced Vaidya" (ayurvedic healer); it covers all the necessary information in a simple manner.

Starting with Symptoms of Anemia and its consequences, what happens if anemia is not treated, home remedies of Anemia and lastly, ayurvedic medicines to increase Hb.

The recommended medicines are easily available in the market / online without doctor's prescription.

Correct ways to make changes in the lifestyle has also been mentioned.

If you're Anemic patient and are fed up with other means of treatment and still worried, it's time to pay attention to Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the Indian ancient science of healing. Working and giving best results since thousands of years, it's still a popular science and way of treatment, especially in India, China and Japan.

The book is useful not for just patient of Anemia but also for medical students.

The book has been recommended by many Ayurvedic Doctors and Vaidya.

In the last chapter, the author has summarized the steps to cure Anemia in a single page for the benefit of patients.