How to become attractive and beautiful

by Leonid Shishkin

Publisher: kobo

Series: Books - Kolodeznik

Publication Date: February 28, 2018

ISBN: 1230002185781

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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EVERY WOMAN WANTS TO LOOK AT THE POSSIBILITY OF BEAUTIFUL and is more attractive, especially from the stronger sex, to walk so that every man looks after her. For this you need to be moderately gallant, get some kind of Ā«carte blancheĀ», magically influence the chosen man, fall in love with him. But that's not all. An energetic woman will achieve her goals if:
- Work on his posture, manner of holding on. A lady with a good, straight posture looks much younger and prettier;
- will develop an easy gait, that is, he will grow out of the broad stamping gait. A beautiful easy gait is certainly connected with the habit of keeping well. But when a woman walks, habitually bending over, rounding her back, then neither the most beautiful dress nor the most elegant costume will help.
How to achieve everything, read in our book.
Next, to become a princess, to take hold of the hearts of men, you need to change not only the outfit, but also the coiffure. Is not it the dream of every lady to become a princess!
In what situation you would not be, your hairdress as part of the entourage should be in harmony with your clothes. Elegantly dressed, neatly and modernly combed woman, always feels younger, prettier and more confident. Look closer to yourself, to your appearance and you will feel what a haircut you are to face. The inner voice will tell you how to choose the right hairstyle - modest, elegant, elegant - depending on its purpose, and not on the obsessive advice of a hairdresser who, perhaps, sees you for the first time in your life.
After reading the recommendations of the book, you will learn how to create exquisite hairstyles, modify them so that when you meet with you, men are simply stunned. Hair as a crown of female beauty, always emphasize the unique, inherent only to you natural charm.
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