How to Predict the Future

by Terrence Gene Clark
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Publisher: The Glory Cloud publications LLC

Publication Date: April 07, 2017

ISBN: 9780988986619

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"Momma what's my destiny" was a line in a popular 1994 Hollywood film. Although a line from a movie script, it is a question that many people have asked momma, themselves, a fortuneteller, a pastor, God, or others. Author & Life Coach Terrence Clark reveals that the power of predicting the future is not rooted in horoscopes, the Zodiac or fortunetellers, but in a God given ability available to any. In fact, these principles already are in play despite conscious awareness. Sharing from his childhood and spiritual background, this book will help each person reach their full potential and purpose in life, experiencing victory over frustration, fear, failure, oppression, and opposition. Every person potentially has a favorable destiny; however it must be actualized and grasped. Following some simple principles in this book, a person will be guided to map out their life path and enjoy their journey despite where it began. This book is the first in a series that answers questions dealing with the supernatural and unseen forces that manipulate the corporeal world.