How to Make Money as a Kid

by Kerry Flatley

Publisher: Kerry Flatley

Publication Date: August 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781386098621

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Working for money gives kids more than just cash. It develops life skills and a mindset that set children up for success later in life. Such as: 

- Hard work: By working for pay, children learn that making money takes effort. It's not just handed out, it's earned.

- Entrepreneurship: Kids can learn what it takes to identify and go after business opportunities.

- Marketing and Sales: Children discover what it means to obtain customers and keep them happy so they purchase again.

- Work interests: Doing a few odd jobs helps kids think through what type of work they enjoy and what they don't. 

- The Value of a Dollar: Having to work for money gives kids greater perspective on spending habits, needs vs. wants, and how much things really cost. 

But even with all these reasons, sometimes it's difficult for kids to determine exactly how they can make money. This is especially challenging when kids want to earn money outside of their home and if they're still under the legal age of employment. 

To help, I've put together this ultimate list of potential jobs kids can pursue to help them generate their own ideas. Perhaps one of the ideas in this book is the perfect fit or maybe it will spark a business idea your child hadn't considered yet.