How to Get Almost Instant Obedience from Your Woman

by Dante Dylan

Publisher: MakeRight Publishing

Publication Date: March 24, 2016

ISBN: 9781311047144

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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If you're interested in having a wife or girlfriend who is submissive and obedient (no matter how stubborn or disobedient she is now) then this book shows you exactly how!

But first, a warning: This book is short and to the point. We don't waste your time with lots of filler pages of fluff.

And it is not a syrupy sweet guide about buying women flowers, cooking them dinner or putting them on a pedestal.

It's about getting obedience and submission from her.

The kind of obedience that has her wanting to follow your lead, please you, and help you achieve your goals as your "helpmate" - without any of the nagging, whining, sexual blackmail or usual female "drama queen" nonsense.

However, this book is definitely not for everyone. And the info inside is extremely controversial.

Frankly, most men will not have the balls to actually follow through on the tips (even though they don't require you to "do" anything except change the way you think).

So if you're a girly-man feminist, don't bother.

This ain't for the "politically correct." And it doesn't pull any punches about the reality of life.

To help you decide if it's for you or not, here's just a sample of what's inside:
• A secret way to get your woman to feel an almost irresistible desire to comply with your wishes. (This is a bit "unorthodox," but is completely legal, ethical and safe. It is also used by master negotiators in business to get others to do as they want. Here's what to do.)
• How to make even the most stubborn woman bend to your will without argument or drama. (Works especially well if she nags, threatens to withhold sex or tried to make a loud scene in public to get her way.)
• The one word you must never say to your woman. (At least, if you want to keep her happy, eager to please you and anxious to obey your every command.)
• Why helping her with the housework will ...