How to Cut it in the Media: A PR Manual for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and Professionals in Cosmetic Medicine

by Simoes, Tingy
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Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: June 12, 2015

ISBN: 9781842145500

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Get Insight from a Well-Known PR Advisor with Extensive Experience in the Aesthetic Field
The controversy about silicone breast implants shows how emotive an issue a medical story can become and how doctors can find themselves at the center of a storm. Written by a highly experienced, prominent PR advisor, this manual provides you with a guide to understanding:

  • Journalists' motives
  • Press outlets and their audiences
  • Proactive and reactive PR
  • How to handle difficult interviews
  • The risks of "going public" on an issue

This hands-on book also highlights how to maximize good publicity and ensure good self-marketing, particularly through the use of social media. Both new and seasoned medical and surgical professionals, including nurses and other practice personnel, will find this an invaluable resource on managing and preventing difficult situations.