How to Clean Windows: And other things your Mom should have taught you about Cleaning

by Rachel Redden

Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books

Publication Date: October 29, 2015

ISBN: 9781310037993

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Deep Cleaning
Window Frames
Window Tracks
Window Guards
Storm Windows and Skylights
Monthly Cleaning
Weekly Cleaning
Daily Cleaning
Cleaning on a budget
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Windows used to be the best source of light people had before electricity and were therefore kept very clean and well cared for. Nowadays, windows are one of the last things we think of when we think of cleaning (Unless you're like me and need to be able to see out the window at all times), because we really don't need them like we used to; and besides, who has time to worry about windows of which really don't matter when it comes to making your house look presentable right? Wrong. Windows are one of the little things you do to make your house look clean that makes a bigger difference than what you would think. It's like cleaning the entire bathroom and leaving the rug on the floor unshaken. It still has all the hair and dirt and lint on it and makes people wonder what else is not all clean in there. Okay so it's not that bad when people see your windows aren't washed, but it doesn't give your home a very spick and span feeling about it when you look out the window and see smudges of grease from your forehead or nose (we all have them don't deny it). Especially when you have kids, they are going to get dirtier faster because kids have some kind of an attraction to windows that adults cannot fathom, though we were children once ourselves. Cleaning windows is important to giving your home a bright, clean feeling and this book is meant to tell you how to clean them as good as a professional.