How To Do Swedish Death Cleaning Easily

eclutter Yourself And Live A Balanced, Richer And Happier Life!
by Anna Johannson

Publisher: Anna Johannson

Publication Date: January 08, 2019

ISBN: 9788829591909

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Death cleaning is a well-known tradition that is pursued by numerous people around the world who become quite advanced in age. In regard to Swedish death cleaning, the synonym which is known as Döstädning, a number of articles, books and guides have already been written by local authors from their own perspectives and based on their personal experiences which usually were constructed after the demise of their parents, leaving them with a serious dilemma and huge burdens due to the enormity of possessions which were not that possible to manage. 

We intend in this guide  to highlight the death cleaning tradition in a way that introduces you properly to it and gets you ready to implement it with knowledge, awareness and confidence when you come close to senility, so that you would not overburden your children and family in general with belongings and items which they most probably would not be in need of, and you would exempt them from the responsibility and heavy duty of handling your belongings, and free them from the dilemma they would likely fall in following your departure. 

In this guide, you will be going through the essential steps and rules to follow, as well as how to handle the belongings you have chosen to declutter. We are hopeful that you would have acquired an acceptable capability of carrying out this practice by the time you are done reading.