How To Coach Girls' High School Basketball: A Quick Guide on Coaching High School Female Basketball Players

by HowExpert

Publisher: HowExpert

Publication Date: September 23, 2017

ISBN: 9781370188314

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Learn how to coach high school girls’ basketball from an expert. Author Shane Reinhard majored in education with a double minor in coaching and physical education. In addition to his teaching background, he has real life experience coaching girls' basketball at the high school level. How to Coach Girls’ High School Basketball goes beyond the expected facets of high school sports coaching – the teaching of rules, skills, and strategy – and discusses the finer points of managing the most important resource on your team: the people.
How to Coach Girls’ High School Basketball discusses improving basketball skill development with your team, including ball handling, shooting, defense, and strategy. You’ll learn the importance of encouraging bonding with your team, and why discouraging negative hierarchies among your team members will benefit the whole team.

This comprehensive book will help you choose your coaching staff, and to realize the importance of the school administration and your players’ parents to your team. Additionally, you will learn how to set appropriate expectations for your team, including the value of creating covenants with your team, coaches, and parents.

Other topics covered in this book include:

• Illuminates the positive and negative realities of coaching girls’ basketball at the high school level.

• Talks about how your team should spend time not just on the court, but off court together, too.

• Reiterates trust in a team dynamic to create healthy relationships amongst your players, staff, etc.

• Communicates the significance of staying consistent with all your players, if problems ever arise.

• Recommends that coaches look at all angles when dealing with issues involving the team.

• Gives ideas for how to deal with confrontation.

• Describes the importance of constant learning as a coach.

• Illustrates the impact you could have as a coach teaching life ...