How Coconut Bill Climbed Up the Coconut Hill

by Lily Ann Noble
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: June 29, 2015

ISBN: 9781453512623

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I now invite you to enter in a new world of humor where you will find love, joy, peace, fun and laughter. Be a tiny huckleberry dancing with the mango, climb the hill with Coconut Bill and watch him come out of his coconut shell. Bounce with Doctor Proctor in your very own nectarine nursery. I personally find fulfillment from this kind of humor and I am constantly sharing its real benefits, everywhere I go: on the bus, on campus, in the park, at church, and at work. For you see, I am that mango dancing the tango with the huckleberry and I have stubbed my mango toes hundreds of time while dancing with the huckleberries of life. But the huckleberry and I just have chuckle berry for I am like that mango. My life is full of too much beauty to worry about stubbed toes, whose temporary pain is not worth noticing compared to the great wonders and joys of this beautiful world.