Hospice Stories from the Heart

by Wayne I. Norman
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Publisher: WIN & Associates

Publication Date: July 26, 2018

ISBN: 9780692164440

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Hospice is a great blessing to many people; the patient, the family of the patient, the nurses, the aides, the doctors, the chaplains, the social workers, the office staffs, and the marketers or educators. We are here to help the family move through denial, the emotional pain of seeing a loved one not doing well physically, and the fear of the unknown. The hospice movement has grown dramatically in recent years. Hospice in the United States has grown from a volunteer-led movement to improve care for people dying alone, isolated, or in hospitals, to a significant part of the health care system. Throughout this book we will walk through the lives of many different individuals and their life during hospice. We will laugh, cry and be amazed by their insights and conversations with angels of light and angels of darkness. the spiritual world is very important to one facing death.