Holiday Homemade Chocolate

by Karen A. Robert

Publisher: Karen A. Robert

Publication Date: October 17, 2018

ISBN: 9781386796572

Binding: Kobo eBook

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M??t people h?v? n?v?r r??ll? ?v?n th?ugh ?b?ut making th?ir ?wn homemade chocolate, th?? ju?t buy chocolate bars ?r chocolate cookies ?t th? store ?nd don't think twi?? ?b?ut it. But people h?v? b??n making homemade chocolate f?r hundreds ?f years. S?m? people think th?t homemade chocolate tastes mu?h b?tt?r th?n commercial chocolate. And wh? doesn't love g?tting a ????i?l chocolate treat th?t w?? made ju?t f?r them?

F?r people th?t h?v? ????i?l medical conditions ?r dietary challenges th?t make it unhealthy f?r th?m t? eat commercial chocolate th?t i? loaded with sugar ?nd fat making homemade chocolate i? a good w?? f?r th?m t? b? ?bl? t? enjoy h?ving ??m? chocolate with?ut h?ving t? worry ?b?ut th? health problems th?t th?? w?uld face fr?m eating commercially made chocolate.

People th?t h?v? severe allergies t? things th?t ?r? ?ft?n found in commercially made chocolate, lik? nuts, h?v? t? b? extremely careful ?b?ut th? types ?nd brands ?f commercially made chocolate th?t th?? eat ?nd m?n? prefer t? make homemade chocolate ?? th?t th?? kn?w it's free ?f ?n? nuts ?r nut products.

This eBook practically explain how to make different types of chocolates from the comfort of your home.