Hives, (Urticaria) A Simple Guide To The Condition, Diagnosis, Treatment And Related Conditions

by Kenneth Kee

Publisher: Kenneth Kee

Publication Date: November 22, 2016

ISBN: 9781370595266

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Hives or urticaria is a medical skin disorder that causes itchy rash that happens quickly anywhere on the body.
Hives are raised, frequently itchy, red bumps (welts) on the surface of the skin.
They are normally an allergic reaction to food or medicine.
The rash may happen frequently simultaneously at multiple sites.
It is normally temporary disappearing after 24 hours although new rashes may happen at other sites.
Many substances can trigger hives, such as:
1. Some food (especially peanuts, shellfish, fish, eggs, milk, chocolates)
2. Medications, such as antibiotics (especially penicillin and sulfa), aspirin and ibuprofen
3. Insect stings or bites
4. Physical stimuli, such as pressure, cold, heat, exercise or sun exposure
Hives may also develop as a result of:
1. Emotional stress
2. Extreme cold or sun exposure
3. Excessive perspiration
The symptoms and signs of Hives are:
1. Itchiness.: When the patient has an allergic reaction to a food or chemical, the body secretes histamine and other chemicals into the blood.
This causes itching, swelling, and other symptoms.
2. Swellings on the skin (wheals) are a frequent reaction
The doctor can tell if the patient has hives just by looking at the skin.
If the patient has a history of an allergy, then the diagnosis is even more obvious.
Sometimes, a skin biopsy or blood tests are done to confirm that the patient had an allergic reaction, and to test for the substance that caused the allergic response.
Treatment may not be needed if the hives are mild.
They may disappear on their own.
1. Avoid known triggers
2. See an allergist, who will try to look for triggers to the hives and may prescribe medicines to avoid the hives or decrease the seriousness of symptoms.
Whether the treatment is present only by prescription or over the counter will be dependent on several factors, such as how uncomfortable ...