Hidden Realms, Lost Civilizations, and Beings from Other Worlds

by Jerome Clark
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Publisher: Visible Ink Press

Publication Date: June 01, 2010

ISBN: 9781578593408

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Claims of supernatural realms, parallel worlds, and lost civilizations are put to the test in this wellresearched guide to the unexplained. Firsthand accounts and historical documents are explored, and indepth coverage is provided on the mysteries of imagination, culture, perception, consciousness, being, and more. Included in this collection are Richard S. Shaver's personal experience of hell-replete with demons and ghouls-modern and ancient accounts of fairyland, life on Mars, alien worlds, parallel universes, and mystery airships. Also examined are the supernatural myths surrounding Mount Shasta, which include accounts of telepathic Lemurians living on its slopes, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. More than 40 beliefs, doctrines, experiences, and places are described and explored in this truly comprehensive guide to the wacky, weird, and otherworldly.